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ISO 9001 Certification and its Benefits

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ISO 9001 is the most coveted certification for the organizations today. Why is it so desirable and what are its benefits? Let us discuss, what is the ISO 9001 certification and what are the benefits of getting certified in it.

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

This is one of the standards of ISO 9000 family. ISO 9000 series covers quality management. While there are few standards in this family, this is the only one which you can be certified in. Every organization seeking certification in quality management should have this certification. This standard was first published in 1987 and last updated on 2015. The standard details how the quality management system of your organization should be in place to produce quality products and services. It is customer focused and places an emphasis on continuous improvement and top management processes. The focus of this standard has now shifted to risk management. This standard is generic and can be used in any organization and across any sector.

In principle this standard has following objectives:

  1. To ensure that the products and services are provided as defined.
  2. To establish a system in place that monitors the effectiveness of the quality management system, processes, procedures and their outputs to detect non- conforming products and services.
  3. To ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the management system are clearly defined.
  4. To ensure a system of continuous improvement.

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Benefits of Getting ISO Certification

Define the Quality Control Process of the Organization

ISO 9001 emphasize on establishing and defining quality management system of an organization. During the certification process, business processes are defined and documented. ISO certification requires implementation of key processes such as on time delivery, better communication, co- ordination etc. These processes once defined, provide an established quality management system to the organization.

Reduced Waste and Increased Efficiency

Earning the ISO certification require you to identify the areas of waste production and take necessary actions to eliminate waste from the organization, be it material or process. ISO certification helps the organization to run a system where every process or component moves automatically with its full efficiency and the waste is eliminated from the system.

Enhanced Productivity, Efficiency and Profit

ISO certification requirement ensures defining and running every process efficiently and hence it helps increased productivity of the organization. The overall result is increased business and profit.

Improved Customer Experience

ISO certification ensures quality control and monitoring of the processes and the products. This eventually transforms into great quality products and services. The customer enjoys greater customer experience and becomes loyal to the organization in the long run.

Better Internal Management

When a quality management system is in place and all the processes are well connected and co- ordinated, the internal management of the process and activities become easy. The process of ISO certification ensures a well-structured, organized and document internal management system in which, every stakeholder is well connected and well informed.

Consistent Outcome

During the certification process, all processes are documented and hence there is a minimum scope of error. A well-established management system ensures consistent outcome from the processes.

Better Monitoring

ISO 9001 certification ensures better co- ordination and connection between the activities and processes and hence the management can easily monitor the processes.

Global Recognition

ISO 9001 is the most coveted and globally recognized certification which is accepted by the customers all over the world. It is a recognition that your organization has a well-structured quality management system in place and the customers and clients show confidence in the processes and products of the organization. Due to the above reasons, every good organization strives to achieve ISO 9001 certification.

Improved Customer Retention

ISO 9001 emphasize on a good relationship with suppliers and customers. The organizations try to understand customer requirements in a better manner and these requirements are incorporated into their products and services through continuous improvement. It all results in better customer satisfaction and improved customer retention.

Better Risk Management

Better monitoring, good co- ordination between the processes and better communication between stakeholders enable the management to manage risks in a better way.


ISO 9001 has many benefits, some of which are described above. The organizations should therefore try to get certified in the ISO 9001 certification, which is not merely to showcase the activities of the organizations but has the power to transform the system of the organization for better.

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Rajesh Pant
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