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Amazon Mission and Vision Statement, Core Values

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The mission and vision statements of a company describe the purpose of existence of a company, the goals & objectives of the company and how the company plans to achieve these goals.

A mission statement provides details about the company’s business, its products, customers, objectives and its roadmap to achieve those objectives.

A vision statement describes the desired future state of the company. A good vision provides the long term roadmap of the company, inspires the employees of the company and holds them together to achieve the common goals of the company.

Every successful company usually have a mission and vision statement which is unique to the company and also gives an idea about the work culture of the company.

In this post, we will learn about the mission & vision statement and core values of one of the most successful e-commerce business company, Inc.

Amazon Mission Statement

The mission statement of Amazon is:

We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.”

If we look at the mission statement, then we will find that it describes the expectations of the customer from Amazon. Every customer wants value for money, i.e. the best solution for the lowest price. In the market there are many options for a product. It is sometimes difficult for the customer to select the best product with lowest price. That’s what Amazon offers. Amazon enables its customers to choose from different options of a product and select the best one, and this is outlined in its mission statement. Amazon targets mainly three factors i.e. price, variety and customer satisfaction. If these three requirements of the customer are matched, then the customer have the best shopping experience. Amazon’s mission statement aims to satisfy these three customer needs. The mission statement may further be divided into three parts:

(a) Price

Amazon strives to offer the best affordable prices to the customer without compromising on the quality of the product or service. This is clear from the fact that even if you order something overseas, there is not much variation.

(b) Variety of Products

As mentioned in its mission statement, there are a range of services and products available on Amazon’s website. The greatest advantage of its online platform is that the customer can get many options of a product at one click and may select the best option available.

(c) Convenience

Amazon’s mission statement mentions ‘utmost convenience’. Providing best shopping experience at the utmost convenience is one of the greatest strength of Amazon. The customer can select the product of his/her choice among the various options and to help customers in it, Amazon has made available various filters. Therefore, it enables customers ordering the best product at the convenience of their home.

Amazon Vision Statement

Amazon’s vision statement is:

to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” 

The vision statement mentions that Amazon cares for its customers. Its core business revolves around satisfying the customers. The vision statement may further be divided into following components:

(i) Customer Oriented Company

As the vision statement outlines itself, Amazon is a customer centric company. It cares about the spending and convenience of customers. To attract the customers, it incorporates deals and promotions time to time.

(ii) Global Presence

The second component of Amazon’s vision statement is global presence, which is demonstrated by the words ‘to be Earth’s’. Amazon is one of the largest e commerce company’s present globally. In the United States, Amazon has grown to have a presence in all 50 states. On the global scale, they now operate across 5 continents with around 20 countries having dedicated websites for shoppers and sellers. These include the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil.

Amazon Core Values

Amazon core values are:

“customer obsession, ownership, invent and simplify, are right, a lot, hire and develop the best, insist on the highest standards, think big, bias for action, frugality, vocally self-critical, earn trust of others, dive deep, have backbone, disagree and commit, and deliver results.”

These core values guide the operation of Amazon’s business and you can see the impact of these core values in its business processes.

Some of the values having a higher impact on the business of Amazon are following:

  • Customer obsession
  • Invent and simplify
  • Hire and develop the best
  • Deliver results
  • Earn trust of others

You can see that the customer satisfaction and convenience is the core of the values of Amazon.


The mission and vision statement of a company describe its present and future state. While A mission statement provides details about the company’s business, its products, customers, objectives and its roadmap to achieve those objectives, a vision statement describes the desired future state of the company. The core values of a company are the principles guiding the business of the company. Amazon mission and vision statements keep customer first.

Amazon’s mission statement focuses on three things, i.e., affordable price, availability of options and customer convenience.

The vision statement of Amazon is customer centric. The vision statement tells us that Amazon is a customer oriented company which cares about the customer requirements. It also emphasis on making world wide availability of products. The way, Amazon made its presence globally, supports its vision statement truly.

If we look at the core values of the company, we will find that the core values also revolve around the customer. The prominent core values which has made higher impact on the business of company are customer obsession, invent and purify, hire and develop the best, deliver results and earn trust of others.

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